John M. Njoroge

John is a summa cum laude graduate of Talbot School of Theology, Biola University in La Mirada, California where he studied philosophy, theology, and New Testament studies. While at Talbot, he served as a teaching assistant to Dr. Moyer Hubbard and was also an adjunct faculty member there. He earned his undergraduate degree from Philadelphia Biblical University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Before embarking on his studies in the U.S., John worked with street and slum children in Nairobi, assisting in recruitment and teaching sixth graders at a mission school started for such children. He has served on church staff in Kenya and in the U.S. He has organized and led leadership training conferences in Kenya and raised funds for wells and other relief projects there. He is currently an apologist with RZIM based in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Leah and their two boys, Jonathan and Benjamin.

What If I Don’t Need God?

This talk deals with the question of why we must assume God’s providence in order to make sense of our existence. It also explores the question of how we navigate through various worldviews in order to stick with the God of the Bible. Of special concern here is scientific naturalism, and I contrast it with Christian theism. Finally, the talk concludes with the role that Jesus plays in our salvation. Appropriate for any audience – church or college/university.

Violence in the Old Testament

The goal of this talk is to respond to the claims made by the new atheists about the disparity between the God of the Old Testament and Jesus. Why does the OT seem to be so primitive? Can we really base morality on such a text?

Anti-Intellectualism in the Church

Appropriate for a Christian audience. Here, I attempt to show the importance of the life of the mind for a Christian. Much of the talk is devoted to exploring biblical passages that deal with this theme.

Why Africa Needs Apologetics

This talk explores the question, why is it that the Gospel does not seem to have the impact one would expect it to have in places where a majority of the people claims to be followers of Jesus?

But Is God Listening?

The subtitle for this message is “Serving God in Uncertain Times”. It is most appropriate for a church audience, but can easily be adapted for a non-Christian audience. It explores the question, how can we continue to serve God faithfully when we are faced with pain and suffering in our own lives?

Agents of Blessing

This is a message on how God uses human beings to accomplish His purposes in the world. It is mainly a Sunday morning message.