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The annual Faith & Reason Conference provides opportunity for Christians to explore and discuss relevant topics in our present culture. Some of these topics often challenge the claims of Christianity in some way. Often the issues are muddled or distorted by popular media; at other times Christianity is treated with outright dismissal, as false and superstitious, and in some cases even as a danger to society.The aim is not to be reactionary, since Christianity will always have its critics, some of whom will not allow themselves to be reasoned with. The FRC is a positive approach, helping to make sense of what it means to be a Christian, of what it means to apply your head for thinking as well as your heart for caring. Put differently, it is about exploring how Christian beliefs that are firmly rooted in the events of history that transpired around a Specific Person in 1st century Palestine, relate to the unique questions and culture of a 21st century world.To help facilitate this process of exploration and discovery are a group of people who have thought carefully about many issues. They also care enough [...]

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