Ray Ciervo


Ray Ciervo is married and graduated from SES in 2000 with an M.A.Apologetics summa cum laude. He is currently enrolled as a doctoral candidate at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in their theology department, ThD (Ethics). He has been officially ministering for over 35 years as a church planter, pastor and teacher. Some of his teaching experience includes:

  • Travelling to the United Kingdom for the past 25 years and more (some 75 times) to teach leadership seminars, Bible school, and family camps.
  • Teaching at a Missionary Training Center in Hauraruni, Guyana, where indigenous pastors, missionaries, and teachers are trained to take part in some 150 churches throughout South America and the Caribbean.
  • Teaching apologetics to campus ministries, youth groups, and adult groups, besides holding numerous apologetic/worldview seminars.
  • Conducting The New Jersey Christian Apologetics Conference yearly, plus a quarterly apologetic seminar.
  • Teaching at Winston Salem Bible College, NC, teaching Ethics, Worldview and Hermeneutics, as well as teaching at its Adult Degree Completion Program for 2 years.


  1. Apologetics Through the Scriptures
  2. Tearing Down Strongholds: The Need for Apologetic Ministry in the Local Church
  3. Renewing Your Mind: The Importance of Right Thinking Theologically, Doctrinally and Biblically