Engaging Hearts and Minds

A series of inspirational events with John Lennox and Michael Ramsden

12 – 17 March 2013, Cape Town

Tuesday, 12 March

  •  6pm, Vice Chancellor’s Open Lecture: “A Matter of Gravity – God, the Universe and Stephen Hawking

UCT Campus, Kramer Lt 1

See local press or http://uct.ac.za for details


Wednesday, 13 March

  •  Lunchtime: UCT Mission John Lennox and Michael Ramsden: “Has science buried God?”
  • 7:30pm, Engaging Hearts and Minds 1 – John Lennox: “God rendered Irrelevant?” (Science and Faith)

(Venue: Jubilee Centre, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory)


Thursday, 14 March

  •  Lunchtime: UCT Mission John Lennox and  Michael Ramsden: “Christianity and the tooth fairy!”
  • 7:30pm, Engaging Hearts and Minds 2 – John Lennox:“Is Faith a Delusion?”

(Venue: Jubilee Centre, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory)


Friday, 15 March

Stellenbosch University, Endler Hall, Conservatory

  • UCT Mission: Michael Ramsden: “Michael in the Lions Den – Q&A
  • 7.30pm, Business Leader’s Dinner with John Lennox and Michael Ramsden: ‘Truth and Trust in Life and Leadership’

Moyo Restaurant, Kirstenbosch Gardens

R200 pp

Enquiries: jol@jubilee.org.za


Sunday, 17 March

  •  Jubilee Community Church, 9.30am – John Lennox: “In the Beginning God
  • Michael Ramsden: 8am and 10am at St. James Church
  • City Wide Celebration, 7pm – John Lennox :“Against the Flow: The life and witness of Daniel”

(Venue: Jubilee Centre, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory)


John Lennox is a highly respected Oxford University Professor with formidable academic credentials.

His presentation of the claims of Christianity, however, are anything but dry. Along with a razor sharp wit, John has a fatherly, pastoral care for those who are genuinely troubled with questions or objections concerning the truthfulness of the Christian Faith.

He has successfully debated Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Singer (all high profile atheists), and has spoken to large audiences at Harvard, Princeton and Stanford universities.

John will be delivering the highly acclaimed Vice-Chancellor’s Open Lecture at UCT for the first time this year. His visit to Cape Town also includes several non-academic talks which will be inspiring, and challenging.

Our non church-going friends will be intrigued to listen to, and ask questions of, one of the finest intellectual minds in the church today. All the meetings will be relevant to those who are not convinced of the truth of Christianity.

Michael Ramsden has been European Director of RZIM since its foundation in 1997. He is also Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and Lecturer in Christian Apologetics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

While at Sheffield University doing research in Law and Economics, Michael taught Moral Philosophy and lectured for the International Seminar on Jurisprudence and Human Rights in Strasbourg.

He has been invited to lecture to a variety of groups including the White House staff in Washington, D.C., leaders at NATO HQ in Brussels and Members of the European Parliament.


Engaging Hearts and Minds is a joint Jubilee and RZIM initiative.

Lex Loizides




Go to Gauteng Program (18 – 23 March)

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