Faith and Reason Conference 2012

Who are the speakers?

Thorsten Marbach holds degrees in both Engineering and Theology.  For well over a decade Thorsten worked in the I.T. & telecommunications sector in both the U.K. and S.A.  He now focuses his efforts on commending the truth and relevance of Biblical Christianity.  Besides Truth Alive, he also co-ordinates TGIF and lectures at the Johannesburg Bible College. Thorsten is married to Vera and they have 3 children.

Duncan Reyburn has been a full-time lecturer in both practical and theoretical subjects at the University of Pretoria since 2007 and is the head of the MA Information Design degree. Before shifting his focus to academia, he worked as an animator, comics artist, designer, design consultant, illustrator and television commercial director. In his teaching, he specialises in the theory and practice of idea generation, typography, and visual rhetoric. In his research, he has a particular interest in the intersection between ethics, philosophy, theology and visual culture. Duncan completed his MA in Visual Studies in 2007 and is currently working towards completing a PhD.

Hennie Stander is adjunct-dean of the Humanities faculty at the University of Pretoria, as well as professor in Greek at the Department for Ancient Languages. He studied at the University of Pretoria and has been a Research Fellow at Yale University in the US, as well as a Visiting Research Associate at Indiana University. He has written some one hundred books and 500 articles which appeared both locally and internationally. He is currently also pastor of the Dutch Reformed Congregation, Bonaero Park. He is married to Lottie and they have two children, Nati and Chanel.

Jonathan Rens has a passion for infusing the Christian story into all spheres of life in a way that is both intellectually honest and socially relevant. In the workplace, he is the Chief Operating Officer of Acucap Properties, a JSE listed investment property company that managers almost R15 billion of shopping centers and offices He has been part of Acucap from its inception more than 10 years ago. Jonathan runs Saltworks, a small radio based ministry in Cape Town that seeks to increase the awareness of the rational defense of the Gospel.  He is married to Chantal and they live in Cape Town with their two children, Nathan and Hannah.

Vincent Mathews is born again and loves Jesus. Vincent was born in Detroit, Michigan (USA). Vincent grew up in the church, but strayed from its teachings as he grew older. He had many questions about the Christian faith that were not answered; he became an agnostic and began searching for answers He began attending the Nation Of Islam Mosque regularly, but later became disillusioned with Islam.  He came full circle and embraced the Christian faith while in Graduate school and has been running for Jesus ever since. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ in Tembisa.  He earned a BA (Political Science) from Wayne State University in the US, a M.A. (Political Science/African Studies) from University Of Illinois and a  Th.D. from North Carolina College of Theology. He has written 4 books and loves defending the faith. He is a father and a husband, happily married to his wife, Sharon, for 18 years. God has also blessed them with 10 children.

John Gilchrist obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from UNISA, was admitted as an attorney, then conveyancer and later notary. He has practiced primarily as a property lawyer since then, and is currently practising on his own. After coming to know the Lord in 1972, he became involved in outreach among Muslims and has been involved in direct door-to-door outreach among Muslims twice to three times a week for 23 years cumulatively since then. He has debated numerous Muslims and Muslim scholars such as Ahmed Deedat and Shabir Ally. He has written 11 books on Islam and Christian witness to Muslims and co-authored The Islam Debate with Josh McDowell in 1982. He has also written a book Designed for a Purpose on science and evolution. John has just finished writing Jesus Disfigured, an exposure of the Gnostic gospels and which he will give us a glimpse of in this talk of his. John is married to Rosemary and they have two sons, David and George.

Louise Mabille teaches philosophy at the University of Pretoria. Her main field of interest is the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, and nineteenth-century thought in general, including aesthetics and philosophy of religion. She is the author of two books on Nietzsche, The Rage of Caliban: Nietzsche and Wilde Contra Modernity, and Nietzsche and the Anglo-Saxon Tradition.She has just completed a philosophical evaluation of the New Atheists for Columbia University Press, and has recently returned from giving a paper on George Berkeley at St Anne’s, Oxford. She is to be a Visiting Scholar at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford from October 2012. During this period she will also undertake research at Radboud University, Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. Her current project is on Anti-Christianity in the West.

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