Faith & Reason Conference of 2010



Who are the speakers?


One of Dr. Craig’s favourite debates:

“Spangenberg-Wolmarans in Pretoria, South Arica. It was the African setting that made this debate special. I teamed up with Mike Licona to take on these two radical, South African theologians of the so-called “New Reformation” movement on the subject of Jesus’ historical resurrection. The South African Christians impressed upon us time and again how crucial this debate was to the church in South Africa. As happens all too often, these two theologians were just incapable of responding to criticisms of their view or undermining a historical case for Jesus’ resurrection. Again and again they resorted to red herrings to try to get us off-topic, but Mike stoutly resisted the temptation and kept the debate on track. Mike is a great tag-team partner, and we really clicked together in this debate. Afterwards, an obviously angry Spangenberg said to us, ‘You may have won the battle, but not the war!'”